The Podcation is Over, Time to Return to Work.

Posted on Wednesday, Nov 9, 2022 by RastaCalavera | Series: announcement | Value4Value, features, updates

What Happened?

Covid derailed my life. It wasn’t that it almost killed me or anything, it was just the popping off point to a whole lot of other things happening.

Since the podcast took a hiatus, I have had two different jobs, kids started primary school and life just went full throttle. Well, things are settling down a bit now and I think that I can start to find a groove again.

Since the podcast paused, I have learned a lot about Podcasting 2.0 and the Value for Value model and since learning about these things, I got a renewed energy to return to this passion project. If I was going to bring this thing back, I was going to bring it back and lean into some of these approaches.

I also need to figure out the theme/hosting situation. I’ve been using Castanet as a hugo theme and publishing with GitLab pages, but Castopod looks like a very promising platform . . . my biggest issue is time availability to explore and learn. I basically have very little and I learn pretty slow which isn’t a good combination for what I am trying to accomplish. But then again, this is just for me so I guess I should be happy with whatever I produce.

IF I stick with Hugo, I would like to learn a bit more about it so that I can comfortably edit the theme and make modifications to make it play nice with Podcast 2.0 Namespaces, like the value block.

I am not a bitcoin person but the value block seems like a really cool idea and it’s not too difficult to get something put together using Umbrel so once I finish getting comfortable with that, then I think things will really start to take off.

So What Will the Revival Bring?

Here’s what I’m thinking: