Getting Things in Order

Posted on Thursday, Feb 25, 2021

Why bother?

Yet another drop in the ocean right? Well, I guess this is an outlet for me and something I love doing so why not? I did do a brief podcast with a friend of mine called Let's Learn Something New and cut my teeth on podcasting there. I put time and energy into getting a small mixer, condenser mic, learning Ardour with the help of someone I met online, learning how to use a publishing program, having intro/outro clips, etc.

I think lots of people are interested in this stuff and it would be nice to have a bare bones setup that if someone wanted to contribute, they could easily grab the assets, create something and chuck it upstream for a fun and easy contribution.

How Did This Start?

This whole thing has come together based on learning git and Hugo. I dabbled in git a bit but when Destination Linux started to dig in, I really caught the bug. A user created an awesome video about making a static website using Hugo and GitLab and I was sold.

After I made a few sites just for fun, I started exploring themes and stumbled across the Castanet theme from the Hugo site. It is one of the few “podcast” themes and looks really well done! I spent a few days playing around with it and now I’m too deep to back out. I am committed to the idea.I even purchased a domain!

Will it Last?

Who knows. Nothing is forever right? It’s fun at the moment but if I lose time or interest this will certainly fall down on my list of priorities.