Resources Used for the Linux Lemming Podcast


Intro Music- An Example For by Captive Portal

Out Track- Boss Splash by sawsquarenoise

Album art may not be accurate. Could not easily resize using links provided by the free music archive.

Revival Music- Underwhelmed by Kirk Osamayo

The original track was altered for length and content.


Episode 06 Art- Found on the Bristol Penguin Archive Project

Episode 05 Art- Found on Wikimedia Commons by user Sarah Klockars-Clauser . Flickr Account

Episode 04 Art- Found on Greg Leden’s Blog

Episode 03 Art- Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Backdoor Survival- Episode 00 cover Art

Gitlab Logo

Blog post for Contributing to the Linux Lemming

Pingus Art- Taken from their Gitlab Account

Episode 02 Cover Art