Posted on Monday, Jan 1, 0001

Show Notes


Who am I?

  • Long time Linux Desktop user and new to the server realm.
  • Hobbyist who knows enough to start projects but doesn’t have enough free time to maintain or spend hours troubleshooting.
  • A “lemming” who appreciates concise, up to date documentation and wants to see more of it widely available.
  • Avid podcast listener.

What Will This Project Be Like?

  • Place for people to listen/read to my journey via podcast and blogs. Will pick projects and blindly follow the documentation and report back on successes and roadblocks.
    • Will submit upstream changes to projects on documentation if possible.
    • Will submit tutorial if appropriate to other projects.
  • This will not be a dedicated information hub!
    • So many already exist, would rather contribute than reinvent the wheel.
  • Community contributions are WANTED!
    • Want to try your hand at podcasting? Do it here!!
    • Want to submit your experience with a project/documentation, do it here!
    • Try to keep everything within GitLab for easy additions.

Is there a schedule?

  • Not really. . .
    • Can only record audio at night or on days when alone due to high volumes of ambient noise.
    • Will try for 1 new addition per week or biweekly as time permits.
    • If community involvement picks up, then more will be released.
  • Currently not on iTunes/PocketCasts/Spotify/Sticher/etc.
    • Don’t really plan on doing these unless I have time or community involvement picks up.

First “Official” Episode?

  • I wouldn’t consider this an official submission based on the ideals of the project. This is more of an obligatory episode, thus the E00 tag.
  • Haven’t settled on the topic for E01 yet, maybe how to use Git since I have documentation for that already and that is how I would prefer contributions to roll in.