How Did This All Come About?

The Linux Lemming Origin Story

I’ve been using the linux desktop off and on since about 2007. In 2009 I went linux full time and haven’t looked back. In 2013 I started to get more interested in server side linux but I didn’t get too serious about self-hosting until 2018.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot but I am still learning new things constantly. One thing I’ve struggled with is documentation. Often times I’ll hit a road block or get an error and searching the internet often leads me to outdated forum posts.

Or maybe I’ll be trying out something new and hit a roadblock and the project documentation doesn’t address that issue. Their forum kind of solves it but the solution introduces new errors. Then their github issue tracker says to pull from a separate branch and all of a sudden there are new things to learn and new issues to tackle.

All geeks find themselves in similar situations at one point or another. This has been a hot topic in linux podcast circles like Jupiter Broadcasting and Destination Linux. Both communities are making headway but in my opinion the people who could advance the field are too busy and the people who need it most are too inexperienced (like myself).

Who is a Linux Lemming?

Me for sure and probably you currently. Out searching for something and then following it blindly because you don’t have other options. Being a lemming is not a put down, or at least not in the way that I am using it.

I like to think about the classic game lemmings and the FOSS version called Pingus. High level view- you can only do what you think is right and as you learn more, things become easier and a challenge is actually exciting rather than a turn off.

How Myself and Others Can Help

I’ve been in the education field for 10+ years and feel like I am good at breaking apart complex topics into manageable formats for others, and myself, to comprehend and apply. I believe the community is full of people like myself and even more that can benefit. My goal is to document my journey and encourage others to contribute. After all, lemmings stick together right?

So here’s the plan. I’m going to lay out a methodology and ranking system so that if you visit the site, you know what to expect. If you want to contribute, there are clean pathways for you to follow. Ease of access and accuracy are essential for this to be viable.


Not all contributions have to be documentation or other forms of media presentation. Links to reliable source material are valuable contributions as well!!

Ready to Go?

You’ve done enough reading about the general idea, time to explore more and see what this has to offer!