Let's Get LIT

Posted on Friday, Nov 18, 2022 by RastaCalavera | Series: Podcasting 2.0 | Podcasting 2.0, Podcast Namespace, Enhancements, Features

I have been loving the Live notifications from Podverse that let you know when a podcast you follow is doing a live stream. The only show that supports it currently that I listen to is the Podcasting 2.0 Show but I think more content creators will support it in the future. I think it is a bit burdensome to wrap your head around it, but I think I have figured out the basic steps.

Going LIT


I have a tinker branch of my site where I kind of test different things out.

So I’ve added these pieces below into the episode.rss.xml of Castanet

    <podcast:liveItem> status={{ .Site.Params.show_live_status }} start="{{ .Site.Params.show_live_start }}" end="{{ .Site.Params.show_live_end }}"
      <title>Linux Lemming Live Stream</title>
      <enclosure url="https://cautiouslycurious.com/listen/linux_lemming/radio.mp3" type= "audio/mpeg" length="16000" />
      <podcast:contentLink href="https://cautiouslycurious.com/listen/linux_lemming/radio.mp3">Listen Live!</podcast:contentLink> 

I don’t have a GUID in there which might be an issue. . . not entirely sure. I also had to kind of guess on the length for the enclosure because Azuracast is streaming at 128kbps so I used a converter to get it into bytes.

In the config.toml of the site I also added these params that could be called by the rss generator:

show_live_status = "\"ended\"" #pending/live/ended
show_live_start = "2022-11-22T20:30:00-06:00" #need to convert, https://dencode.com/en/date/iso8601
show_live_end = "2022-11-22T22:00:00-06:00" #need to convert, https://dencode.com/en/date/iso8601

I had to use a date converter to get a ISO8601 Date that seemed to match the required format.

These all seemed to checkout so I added them into the main branch of the project without doing a PR. I didn’t want to re-learn how to cherry pick a commit and it was just easier to copy and paste things over after I knew it wouldn’t break it.

So in theory, I should be good to go! Once I get all the streaming stuff connected, I fire off a python script to notify podping and then a notification should go out to apps. Maybe I’ll try getting LIT this week!