Git, VSCode and Contributing to the Linux Lemming

Posted on Thursday, Mar 11, 2021
Using Git and VSCode to Contribute to the Linux Lemming a blog goes with this episode too.

Show Notes

Special Thanks

Matt Stratton for his hard work on the castanet theme which drives this site and to rwaltr for his awesome video on using Gitlab to create a website using Hugo. Also, the DLN Crew for their weekly spotlight on Git which motivated me.

Original Documentation

Written documentation for getting started with building a simple blog lives here

How to Contribute to the Linux Lemming

A detailed blog post will be made for this but in this episode I go over how to:

  • setup git as a new user
  • FORK the linuxlemming repo (difference between clone and fork) 1
  • make changes in VSCode
  • submit a Merge Request

VSCode Documentation

I never looked at any documentation for VSCode until I started the process for this episode. It seems that the documentation is very well done and approachable. I really like its level of organization and the inclusion of hyperlinks to other relevant material.

I REALLY like the disclaimer of prior knowledge required to make good use of the documentation and how to gain the required knowledge if you don’t meet that criteria. vscode prior knowledge disclaimer with links

I am still getting used to VSCode and will most likely do a blog post on it in the future but my first impression is that VSCode documentation gets a 10/10.

  1. Documentation for the difference between a fork and clone ↩︎